I don't think this issue is directly related to Kanaka, but perhaps someone here has experienced the same thing and might know how to fix it.

When users connect to our OES 11 NSS volumes through the Kanaka client (using AFP) and open a file, OSX creates a resource fork file (._<filename>.<ext>). To the Mac user this file is hidden, but when you access the share from a Windows workstation you can see all of these files (also our Filr install is picking these up). This is creating some confusion for users. I'm not too concerned that these files are created, but more so that they are not hidden. I've searched and searched and can not find any information about why this is happening or how to fix it.

OSX version does not seem to matter as I have tested on different versions (from 10.7-10.9) and newer office files (ie, docx) do not create this file. I can manually hide the files, but would like them to be hidden by default. My best guess is that something is not configured correctly with AFP, but I can't seem to figure out what.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Thanks in advance for you help.