I am currently running ZMM 2.8.2 on a fully patched Windows 2008 server. When I make a configuration change and push it out to my users we are finding that the previous MDM profile has to be removed allowing for the update to be installed. When removing the older profile it also removes all of the apps distributed by ZMM via the ZENworks app. What needs to be done allowing for the configuration change to install without having to touch each device and complete the process just explained?

In addition to the profile configuration update issue, when we attempt to update the Enterprise ZENworks app on iOS7 form 2.7.4 to 2.8.1e the account information goes blank. We have attempted to restart the iPad by shutting down as well as holding in the home/power button combination. Neither approach resolves the blank information issue. The only solution I have found at this time is to completely remove the app, profiles, and reset the user accounts enrollment profile in ZMM. Then provide the user information on each device and register it again.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated regarding this issue. Thanks in advance!