I Want to configure my clients to enter directly with the google account.

On the configuration -> configuration -> sso

sso configure -> disables (i understand its not needed because i want social)
social -> google -> enable

I Have configured the LDAP on configuration -> configuration LDAP. I Have a group for the clients, but i am entering the clients manually on the Service Desk.

I Create and account on User -> User -> Clients . Name is vgalino@gmail.com .

On Configuration -> Configuration -> Priveleges -> on LDAP / AD i have enabled "Include Client and Mixed mode" (now i don t have any clientes on the ad group, but its possible on a future i works with this). Mixed mode is enabled

I Have the button on google authentication, but i can not enter with the account of google...Nothing happens.

Question is. its correctly configured the Google autentication ?. or i need to do something more.

Thanks in advance