I have seen a large chunk of my install base, specifically within the iOS platform, that have stopped syncing within ZENworks yet are still getting e-mail as well as APN sync process. Some of the clients have closed the client out and some have the client still running. On my test device I noticed that if I manually synced the client a couple of time it would sync up and report to the server. The end users don't seem to be effected or care about the issue since it doesn't effect what they are wanting to do. Normally I could just live with this issue. What caused me to review this issue is due to one of the Administrators loosing his iPhone. He was running an older version of the Enterprise app, 2.7.3, and wasn't syncing so I couldn't search for the device using the GPS map function.

I have asked about this in the past and have even opened up SR's regarding the process with little effect. My frustration with this function is to the point that I am starting to look at other product. It is my understanding that the enterprise app doesn't need to be running to sync to the ZENworks server. Yet that is not what I am seeing in my environment. Here is what I tested/tried with the client. This is on multiple client types (2.6.0 - 2.8.1) All on the iOS client side.

1. Have multiple clients keep the client running yet close any non-needed apps to keep things clean. (Works for a few weeks then stop syncing)
2. Have the clients run things as they normally would yet ensure that ZENworks is running in the background. (Same results)
3. Have the clients close the client once a week and re-open the app to ensure it syncs. (same results)
4. Open the ZENworks client and sync for the initial setup and then close the client/run the system like they normally would. (Same results)

What I have found is that I can keep my iPhone working without any major problems but I have to close the client and open ZENworks from time to time to ensure it syncs. My normally clients, even though they are trying to keep the client working, can't keep the client syncing with ZENworks for more the about three weeks. Only the ZENworks sync process seems to stop at this point. I have noticed that some clients become so unstable that the only way to get them working again is to Reset Enrollment, remove the client, Install the client fresh and enroll.

I have about 5 months to get this moving in the right direction and the sync working like it is suppose to. I have spoken with my assigned Apple Engineer regarding this and there are things I can send them to see if something on that end is causing this problem but he indicated that this usually is something to do with the client sync process by the MDM provider. He is willing to send on the information or point me in the direction within Apple to troubleshoot this issue but I need a little more from Novell.

I can start an SR again to work on this issue if need be. ( it would be my last SR for the year) But before I start down that process I am wondering if this is something I am only seeing or if others see this same problem within their deployment.

Windows 2008 with SQL 2008
ZENworks 2.8.2
Client = Mixture of 2.6.0, 2.7.6, 2.8.0, & 2.8.1

I don't see this issue with Android clients at this point. iOS version that I have worked on with this issue include 6 (most sub-versions) and 7 (all sub-versions)

Anyone else seeing this or have some insight on what I should be looking at to resolve this issue?