I am encountering an error with the Kanaka engine when it attempts to parse login scripts on a few select servers. I have 4 servers acting as Kanaka engines, and each Kanaka engine has its own proxy user (named in the pattern KanakaProxyServer1.administration.myorg, KanakaProxyServer2.administration.myorg). On server1, server2, and server3 there are traces in the logs that indicate that login scripts could not be retrieved for my user:

01 2014-02-04 08:40:55 -18000 3 0008 3341 4a814940 LSP: Failed to retrieve login script for user CN=kerard86.OU=Users.O=MyOrg from object OU=Users.O=MyOrg: 4294967295
Log trace level is set to 5. This error happens when I authenticate as kerard86 or if I try to perform a "Login Script Preview" on the servers that have this problem. On server4, Kanaka has no problem retrieving my login scripts and executes them without issue. The failure happens for any user that authenticates with server1, server2, or server3. If a user authenticates with server4, all login script mappings appear as expected and the logs are clean (save for "unrecognized command" information from the login script). When authenticating with any of the 4 servers, my home directory is mounted successfully, so I have to assume that Kanaka is able to read my home directory volume and path just fine from my user object.

The Kanaka engine page also throws Error encountered while parsing login scripts: An unspecified error has occurred. (4294967295) when attempting to preview a login script.

Has anyone else seen this issue, and if so, any clues on resolving it?