I have a lab full of Windows XP Pro SP3 desktops. Since we had a few days off of school and I am stuck at home (Yea snow days!). I figured I would boot them up and run some maintenance against them. I found an interesting event that I am not sure if this is a bug or major security issue.

Several of the desktops hung, never presenting a login prompt. I figured I would just push out the explorer.exe command to see if that was all that was wrong. Since I had remote control over the device the request to start explorer.exe was easy and I could see items processing. Strange thing is I didn't get the login prompt but a full desktop. When i check the username it states System as the username. Granted I didn't get any mapped drives since it couldn't log into novell but I am assuming I have full system rights to the desktop due to logging in as System. I am still working on the desktops to see what all I have access to but so far it seems like I can add/remove programs and run disk defrags.

I would assume this is not by design and a bug within Windows XP or how ZCM remote management interacts although I am guessing this is something with XP since all I would have to do is kill explorer.exe remotely and then restart it with a remote tool. Should I be concerned or is this just something that would be possible only if I have Remote Contorl using ZCM?

I am still testing things but figured I would post to see if this is a known item and I have just missed it.

ZCM 11.2.4 MU1