Kanaka v
OS X 10.8.5
OES 11


I have random users that will receive the "Unable to create mobile account" error upon authentication through the Kanaka plugin. Kanaka logs show a successful authentication. The interesting part is that these users have successfully authenticated to the particular computer previously and already had a managed mobile account created at that time. It appears that their user account has been removed from the System Preferences -> Users & Groups GUI list and they still have their user home folder intact. It appears that the mac is retaining some residual knowledge of this account and is having difficulty recreating the mobile account even though it is no longer listed in the users list.

I have renamed the user folder and tried the login once again with the same error.

I have gone as far as using the dscl command to list the users via the terminal and on few occasions I have found that the account still exists if looked up in this manner even though the GUI says otherwise. Deleting the user account in this manner, renaming the home folder, and logging in once again does solve the problem. Unfortunately the majority of those experiencing this issue do not have this discrepancy so I am at a loss as to where other user information may be kept on the mac that is preventing this account from being created.

As a bandaid we have just had users change computers, but this issue is growing and become more of a nuisance.

My questions:

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?
Why would a previously created mobile account be removed?
Could settings in Kanaka (possibly MCX) create this condition?
Are there any other locations on the mac I may be able to look for residual account information that may be preventing the creation of the mobile account?

I will look through some logs on one of the affected computers and see if I see anything suspect.

Please let me know if there as any further information that I can provide to help shed some light on this situation.

Thank you for your help.