have new install ZMM 2.8, updatet without a device to 2.9, LDAP-Server: W2K8(without LDAP-SSL) and another box with Exchange 2010, no eDir=no ndstrace :-(. Want to configure "self enroll" for devices with LDAP. Doesnt work, receive error 901, LDAP Server Authentication Error. If I configure "self enroll" with an ActiveSync Server, it works. A LDAP-Test of the server in the dashboard works fine. Also i can see all groups, OUs in dashboard. Tried also a second LDAP-Server, same. Search-Context is highest, no limitation to OUs or other. My test-users can connect with a LDAP-Login with a LDAP-Browser without problems. Have check this with Vers. 2.8.2, update then to 2.9, no changes, no success.

Somebody knows, where I can enable a logfile with the LDAP-connect-errors?

export from log:
" ","0","901","LDAP Server Authentication Error","PerformLDAPChecks","Cannot Perform Hands Off Registration: Failed to connect to LDAP server","02/15/2014 8:26 PM (+01:00 GMT)",

Thanks Heiko