ZPM 11.2.4
SLES 10 patch 3
Clients - 11.2.4
Full Message: Could not find the file "/var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/tmp/zpm/plp//windows/x86/en/1B31D99A-C92A-4777-8641-93C88DC052EF.plp" to install.
Additional Information:
None Severity: Error
Date: February 17, 2014 10:06:30 AM
Acknowledged Date: None
Source: /Devices/Workstations/qa1-xp
Message ID: GenericActions.FileCouldNotBeFound
Probable Cause URL: None
Log ID: 0b1a05362b230ca308ed7a096ccad484
Related Objects: /Bundles/ZPM/Microsoft Corp./2009-Feb/MS 961118 (EnglishMUI) Update for .NET Framework 3.5 SP11018199093
I've been receiving these messages on a variety of machines the past couple days. The only change made in the past week was downloading the Feb PRU file (but not baselining it) I baselined this morning, not sure if it will help or not.
There are a variety of Patch bundles that show up in the error, some are disabled patches, others are enabled ones that have been working fine for some time, and others are enabled patches that have already been patched in the machine reporting the error.