I have been struggling through the process of setting up and keeping the MDM solution running on my iPad deployment at the elementary school environment. A couple things are clear to me in dealing with this issue over the last year plus.
1. Teachers are not going to launch and keep a ZENworks app running, no matter how many times I ask them to do so.
2. The ZENworks app will not stay running if I launch it and leave it running for the end users.
3. Teachers will not keep the iPads charged so when I do stop by to work on the devices I have to place the device on a charger just to do the needed work.

Apple seems to be placing a lot of effort in the Single user device deployment area but I have seen little in the shared device area. I will soon have only 6 iPad mini's per classroom at my K-2 area. Which is the reason for my post. Is MDM really a good fit at this point with the Shared Device deployment for iOS? I can't push out Apps due to how Apple handles this type of deployment. I have a hard time keeping ZENworks running on the device. I can't even push out the commands to update the devices iOS. Last week I had a administrator e-mail all employees regarding the iOS update and that it needed to be done... I have had 4 devices so far come back to me messed up due to the Teachers not following instructions. Above that I have several that freaked out and demanded that I do the update, and NOW.

Granted a lot of my issues with how this deployment is going is Apples doing. But Novell, you guys are kill me here. I have researched other MDM solutions and they have a sync solution for iOS that syncs, stays syncing, and doesn't require their agent to be running all the time to stay synced. A fellow tech showed me Meraki, which if free, that shows a nice graph on the sync status. It even provides the ability to request the device sync or check in from the server side. I now have a growing number of users using ZENworks for the mobility setup portion, now not able to use it. I have had this problem in the past and was fixed easily. I do have a SR and the tech has been in contact. The problem isn't whether the SR is in progress. The problem is that I have a system that High Profile end users are wanting to use the functionality, yet I can't get or keep it running for them. I have one very frustrated Mobile end user, who will end up saying something to upper Administrative people if she hasn't already, regarding her using a paper calendar for her scheduling even though I just provided a newer iPhone (4S) device to her.

I am not sure if I am the only one seeing this type of thing, and I need to have someone look at my deployment further to solve other problems. Or if this is how ZENworks MDM is going to be functioning. But here is what I see wrong with the ZMM setup.
1. The expectation that the end user must launch the Enterprise app to stay synced with the server. This is unrealistic and from other MDM solutions claims is unneeded going forward. FIX IT.
2. If I missed something in the documentation on how to keep my system and DB healthy I am willing to admit I screwed up. But I seem to be seeing a lot of end users failing to sync data when enrolling. Or they can't enroll at all due to a database FUBAR.
3. Updating Profiles... Why do I have to continually remove profiles from devices due to Version miss-match. If I request the profile to be loaded from ZENworks then why isn't it just over writing the profiles on the devices. Again my end users are not going to think about removing profiles especially the MDM one. When some of them do attempt this based off my instructions, the end up screwing the sequence up and I have to get involved anyway.
4. Keep up with iOS options. I have several other school districts that are capable of utilizing the new VPP or Managed App deployment where the school can keep ownership of the apps codes. Frankly the Managed App portion of the ZMM setup is confusing since I have the ability to remove a managed app. Yet if the redemption code is posted to that individual's account removing it really doesn't do any good. They can just place it back on the device.

So back to my original rant and question (sorry for such a long post and multiple topics)
Does anyone else use ZMM in a k-12 setup, where a portion of the deployment is a shared devices setup? If so any tips on the best way to handle the setup?

I had a 3 hour long meeting with the Supt Friday, and my K-2 deployment came back up. His intention is to purchase another Apple Configurator device, split the K-2 iPads away from the rest of the iPad/iPhone deployment and allow the principal at that location manage his own iPads. The expectation is that it will actually make things quicker and easier (the excuse is it should make my life easier). So in going forward with this type of plan. Do I need to rip the ZMM client off the devices at that time? Is there any hope that this will work in the future where keeping them enrolled would be a possible benefit? Or am I fighting a deployment type that really isn't setup and valid for MDM to help?

By the way... If you can't tell. I really am hating how Apple does things. It is clunky and frustrating. I know a lot of the issues I am having is due to how Apple forces people to do things in the back ground. I have talked with both my Apple Sales rep as well as a Apple support engineer (actually two different ones) regarding this. My big frustration with the complete setup. Everyone I talk with on this seems to be saying the same thing. "Yeah we know it isn't perfect, but this is how it is."

About the only thing I have working well right now is my WiFi assignment. Big problem with it is that if the end user does have to do a MDM profile removal, the WiFi assignment also is removed. And guess what that causes... A support call in which I have to go manually setup the device again. ZMM is suppose to be helping me save time by doing mass changes to my ipads. Yet I find I am spending more time working on the ZMM side of things I might has well be doing the iPad management manually. It would actually save me time.

Sorry for the long post and rant. Hopefully someone is seeing something that they can share which might help in this case.