I have a single ZCM server and have computers outside our School District that I would like to be able to remote to. Along comes 11.3 and the Join Proxy. As a test I have installed the 11.3 agent on my Home computer and opened up http (port 80), https (443) and port 7019 (tcp/udp) through my School District firewall. I was able to register my Home Computer in ZCC , I created a location that has the Join Proxy server role with my ZCM server listed but any attempt to remote control the Home PC is met with an error that the workstation is NOT connected to the Join Proxy. If I relax the District firewall and open all ports to the ZCM public IP, I can remote to my home PC but the ZCC agent status never shows a Green Dot only a message "Unable to connect to the agent service through the IP Address or DNS" . I have read through the docs a couple of times and watched the video showing how easy Join Proxy is but can't find anything telling me what ports all need to be opened to make this work as shown in the video.

Anybody else using this new feature????? And any additional things you did to make it work??