Since a month I have a problem with few users - they cannot create Offline buffers in Groupwise 8.03 Client.
It is actually being created but instead of creating it with all files - lets say 20GB it creates only 1-2 GB and stops - says it's done and wants to restart into Offline Mode.

Second problem - 1 user cannot even work using Groupwise Client - it hangs and shutdows - both in Online and Offline mode.
The only way it works if she connects through WEBACCESS - suspicious thing I see there is she having like 200 "Frequest Contacts" directories. Maybe thats the problem.

I've tried GWCHECK on all those problematic mailboxes - in all possible adviced modes here on the Forum - It did not help.
I do not see any errors in Groupwise Logs on the servers.
Could you advice me what to do please ?