Is there an online demo yet for how to use the Patch Policies feature under Patch Management yet? I'm following the documentation but not seeing the results that I think that I should be seeing based on my interpretation.

So far I have created several policies, three of which are for the operating systems that are currently active in my organization. I've created 3 systems that have the "test system" flag set to active, edited my patch policy deployment rule for "on refresh", and my patch policy execution rule is still only set to manual. All of my OS policies are set very similar so this next section is the anatomy of only one of these rules.

My OS policy's filter is set with an Age >= 0, Vendor = Microsoft, Patch Name Contains "Windows 7 x64" and a couple of other rules to remove versions of IE that I don't want to pull. The first thing that I notice is that after clicking Apply and letting the policy rebuild is that not all of the "orange" patches in my Included Patches list under the Rules tab get downloaded. I'm hoping that these are "smart" patches and aren't being downloaded because they have been replaced by other newer ones, but at this point all of the newer patches are downloading so I continued with the process. After verifying that I have a 200MB+ policy bundle, I went to my test system and force a refresh where I do see the indication that the policy downloaded in the Progress window.

At this point I open a command prompt and enter "zac pap" to apply the policy where all of the graphical indicators imply that the policy, and I am assuming the patches, are getting applied to the system. After this completes I restart the test system where I see the "Windows making configuration changes" screen at shutdown and startup. At this point I log back into the system and pull up task manager to wait for Analyze.exe to start and then complete. Once this happens I go back to the ZCM portal and look at the open patches on my testing system and they are all still there.

Now based on my reading of this feature, I was under the impression that Patch Policies would help to "automate" the patch process where after building the rules for the policy that on whatever the recalculate patch schedule was set for new patches would be searched for and deployed to the "test" systems. Once successfully deployed to the test system the sandbox would be published so that the other systems would receive the patches. Is this correct or is this more wishful thinking? Thanks!