We have a custom designed software package that makes an authenticated
connection to our gwia server to send automated emails from the
software. If we attempt to send to a invalid user or the destination
site kicks it backs as a spam item, we see the the 550 return error
message and the log shows it building the undeliverable error message.

The email is from a user email address that is defined in the system,
but comes from the smtp client software in the custom software.
Reviewing the log entries for a similar email sent via the groupwise
client through the gwia to the same invalid email address show up in the
login looking similar.

GWIA sends out directly to the internet, not through a service of any kind.

Emails sent out through groupwise received the undeliverable return
email with the respective 550 code.

However, email sent from our custom software that connects to the
groupwise gwia server using an authenticated connection, does not
receive the undeliverable 550 coded message. We would like for the
email address sent from in the outgoing email address to receive this
undeliverable return email. The log, in verbose mode again looks
similar to when it works, but does not receive the undeliverable message.

Is there anything we have to do.