ZCM 11.2.3a MU1
SLES11 servers

So, I have been running quick tasks scripts to send up to my ZCM sat servers to force a replication, and I had it working no issues. Basically, you need to adjust the following settings: (in our scenario where the servers are not logged into with an account)

- define your own script; in my case it was:

zac cvc
zac cvc
zac cdp
zac ref

- set the script path to /bin/bash

- click on the advanced tab and select to run as a dynamic administrator

The thing/bug I noticed, however, is that if the default script "extension" is kept to .BAT, the action/quicktask fails. If I type my own extension of .s or .sh, the script works fine.

Is this is a known issue? In linux, extensions have no real usage other than to properly identify them for what they are (.bin, .s, .sh, .ko, etc) so I found it odd that a .BAT extension would fail. I have no attempted to try without an extension which, in theory, should also work.

Anyone else notice this?