I will admit this is a specific scenario on my Samsung GS3 with the latest Filr App and Server Build 1.0.1 HP1 - if I select edit a Word Doc and then choose Kingsoft, edit the file, save the file(double check it's saving over the one downloaded), and then exit Kingsoft it does not prompt me to upload the file.

If I edit a txt file with the same process it offers to upload the changes for me back to the Filr server when done editing and exiting.

I just found this as I was preparing to do a demonstration today for another group of users. I believe I had used this previously prior to upgrading to 1.0.1 HP1. When I went to 1.0.1 HP1 I did a fresh install and retained none of our shares, open id users, etc.

Any ideas of what to check? I don't have SR support with Novell.