Hi all,

I'm trying hard to add some storage resources to my kanaka engine but they won't appear in the list and the clinet is not able to connect to the volumes.
I even tried to delete some of the older entries and readd them but they do not appear also.

What am I missing?
I just do an "Search specific servers for Storage Resources. "
add the name of the server (short form: VSDGS it is called).
It appears in the list all right.
"rebuild storage resources" has no effect.
With "finder" "connect to server" everything is working well, the volume is mounted.
in the engine log for the rebuild the scan for the new server finishes with result =0:
01 2014-03-25 16:33:33 3600 5 8008 3271 7f7a1fc59700 CCStorageResources::WorkerThreadFunction() - Worker thread has finished processing a work queue item for server "CN=VSDGS.OU=CLUSTER.OU=RRZ.O=UNI-HAMBURG", Result = 0.

If I try to login per kanaka client I get:
01 2014-03-25 16:33:57 3600 3 0006 3271 7f7a25c65700 MPM: Failed to get volume FDN for server "VSDGS", volume "DGS": 45.
01 2014-03-25 16:33:57 3600 3 0006 3271 7f7a25c65700 MPM: Unable to retrieve volume name for path "\\VSDGS\DGS": 45.
The Knowledgebase gives: 45 The data is invalid.

In the config file the GUID for the server is listed.
In the XML-File for the storage ressources the server is listed also.

What am I missing?

University of Hamburg, Germany