Good morning All,

I know that this has been asked for before, and my apologies for doing so. However; I would like to provide my customer something that can describe Best Practices when it comes to building, deploying bundles, and policies (which can be handled in another posting). Especially in relation to the placement of these Bundles, whether they should be at the Device, User, or Workstation level (if an enterprise wide application or Policy)

There is a debate within the organization, that Policies, Bundles, should be deployed out to all geographic locations, instead of just being Deployed from the Top level down. In this case they have Group Policies which go out to every PC in the organization, and instead of doing that from the Workstation level, they deploy these Policy's from each geographic local. Which seems to not be according to best practices, or at least what I have always assumed to be Best Practices.

I have seen this from the Documentation site, - System Planning, Deployment, and Best Practices Guide, and I have found some others looking to put together a packet for the customer.

Thank you,