Our message logs on devices and bundles are empty. (ZCM 11.2.4)
Searching the logs i found:
[MESSAGELOGGER.Debug] [31-3-14 12:14:13] [] [File Upload Servlet] [159762] [] [Recalculating 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\collection' directory size.] [] []
[MESSAGELOGGER.Debug] [31-3-14 12:14:13] [] [File Upload Servlet] [29] [] [Upload would exceed size limit. status file : Status_c3f05b9d9861ba44b79dc7d83b59804b_1396260853 625.zip] [] []

The Collection folder on our ZCM server is 10G and the ..\collection\inventory folder contains about 30000 old xml files adding up to 10G.
Failed and Success folders are empty.
how can I clean up the folder (is it as simple as deleting the files)?