Today will be the fourth time in the last month that we've had email issues. We've had someone what I am going to assume as to hacking our email and sending out hundreds of thousands of emails. We've been put on severald blacklists, and as soon as we get them cleaned up, we have another incident. We are running Groupwise 8.0.2, but I am downloading HP3 right now. I have relaying turned off for GWIA with an exception for one server that sends out emails to parent for grades, attendance. We also have Entruder Detection turned on on the Post Office. Looking at my GWIA right now, it looks like we may be getting mail bombed or someone is trying a dictionary search for valid users. I'm seeing pages and pages of Recipient Unknown. We are running GWIA on the same box as our post office, which I think I've seen in several posts in the forums that we shouldn't be doing. We are allowing users to access there email via there phones, via POP3 and IMAP. I'm wondering if IMAP is actually working, since it is not turned on under the GWIA properties. I did not install this system, but we ran for years with no problem. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.