We have recently deployed a POC of Filr, and are testing the usefulness of it in a variety of situations.

We have an existing group of iPad users to who we need to synchronize a large selection of PDF documents, which they can then access offline when in the field (the iPad's are not 3g capable).

I'd like to share out a Net Folder to these users which they can access from their iPads, and have some way to:
1) Force the entire Net Folder contents to download to the device for offline viewing
2) Ensure updates to the source files are re-synchronized to the devices when changes occur

I believe the desktop client supports this sort of offline synchronization, but the mobile apps seem to only support downloading a single document at a time, with no apparent ability to re-synchronize automatically.

Can anyone tell me if this is possible? If not, I'll post it as an enhancement request.