Anyone else getting slow interactions using webaccess in 2014?

Just upgraded from 2012. Smooth and quick upgrade process for a single domain single PO system with a few users but webaccess seems to be extremely sluggish to use, eventually it seems to hog the browser enough that it crashes (chrome wants to kill the tab). Almost as if there is a delay before and after the "loading" graphics appears.
2012 webaccess was lightening fast in our environment across pretty much any browser on any device.

Have tried Windows 7 chrome (assuming latest version) across two computers with same results, ditto with firefox. Anytime webaccess has to load a list of emails after say clicking on a folder, it seems to take an unusually long period of time to display and free the browser thread.
Running sles 11 sp2, tested locally to the server.

(Have been very impressed with everything else in this release so far. Especially the attention to little things like keyboard shortcuts in the windows client, I'm going to be flying along in this new client!)