The Licensed Product Allocation predefined report in ZRS 5 would be incredibly useful to me if I could filter it by Department Demographic.

There is a filter, but the options appear to be 'All' or 'None', which is not as useful as it might be.

The Asset Management Reference Guide describes the report as: "Lists the demographic allocations and device allocations of the licensed product. Data can be filtered based on the department and the site."

Am I missing something here, or are 'All' or 'None' the only options upon which to filter. I need to filter on individual departments.

When I attempt to rebuild the report as an Ad Hoc view, I add all the fields, and add a filter on Allocation Department (e.g. 'ADMIN'), however it still returns multiple lines for each Licensed Product, each with different Licence Allocations and Device Counts, consistent with all department demographics being listed, but with them all being listed as 'ADMIN'.

Any help would be very much appreciated.