I have two primaries and an external db. The two primaries were updated from 11.2.3 to 11.3. Everything is working great and the upgrade was successful.

My database runs on an external MS SQL server. It hosts both the zcm database and the audit database.

When I installed ZRS 5 I pointed it at one of my primaries. The install says it was successful and it appears to have successful pulled in my configuration for both zcm and zcm_audit to /opt/novell/zenworks-reporting/conf/zrs-configuration.xml.

I can log in to ZRS 5. When I try to create a report or run an existing report from the library I always get a connection error. It definitely looks like it can not connect to my external MS SQL db. I cranked all of the logging under Server Settings to DEBUG but I can not seem to find the logs.

I also tried following the Cool Solution using the downloaded zip and pointed it at my external db. It would not connect either. I know the username and password is correct and I tried the username in different styles: username@server, server\username, username. The only thing I can think of is my sql password for both of my users contains an extended character ! and =.

Any help as to where to look or what might be the issue is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,