Good afternoon everyone. I have been asked to look at an issue we have with our AutoCAD deployment using ZCM 11. I'm by no means a Novell guy. I have worked inside of Novell since ZEN 7. I'm just your ordinary packager. I was an ADS guy before I started working for my present company. I wanted to let you know a little bit of where I'm coming from. One of the things that I would have to do in ZEN 7 was remove the application GUID in the registry because Novell would believe the application would be installed but in reality some other person removed the application. I don't believe this is possible anymore as it appears that the information is stored in a database controlled by Novell.

We have users that are stuck as they can no longer remove/Install/Verify the bundle.... Does anybody have anything to try?

Our application packagers have been using zac commands to install dependent bundles.... I have since asked that we start using install bundle or launch bundle actions instead of using zac bin "Display name of bundle". This removes the links in Novell. That means you have to write the corresponding verify/install/uninstall actions manually. I guess my question is, what is your advice? Should we be using zac commands or use the technology built into Novell.

Another problem we have is our packagers don't have access to the published area of the tree, so this means any dependent applications needs to be added by a different team, hence why zac is used

The main problem is the first one... I'm going to get a physical desktop that has the problem and then I'm going to hack it apart until I figure out exactly what is going on.

The error that I'm getting while doing these verify/install/uninstall actions is sort of random(what I'm told). It would be nice if Novell reported the ENTIRE error out instead of just the first part of the command. For example, I see C:\Program Files\xxxxx\zac.exe error. I don't see the parameters. This would really help in troubleshooting as I'm in the dark as to where it's failing.

Any and all help would be appreciated,