Hi guys,

We're having major problems with the ZCM client which i will explain further on

First our configuration : Windows 7 Pro with Client 2 SP3 (IR6), ZCM 11.2.4. with client

Problem : When users log in, the desktop is shown but none of the icons react. If we check the progress of the ZCM client almost all of the programmes that should launch have the status Launching, but nothing else happens and systemtray icon keeps rotating forever. This only seems to happen in one network segment but we have checked the switch configuration and that's good (seriously.... there's nothing wrong there).

The biggest problem is that this is intermitent. If i delete the local user accounts (Dynamic Users) then everything is hunky dory for a couple of weeks, but the problem keeps coming back.

We've had suppliers look at it but nobody seems to te able to put their finger on it yet.

If you need more info to troubleshoot this, just ask......... but i must warn you i'm not a Novell guru even though i've been administrating Novell networks since 1990.