To all,

I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience using Install bundle to install requirement bundles vs using zac bin? I believe install bundle is a better approach for several reasons. I have heard of one drawback but I'm not sure I want to believe it.

Pros of Install bundle are

There is a traceable record in ZCC of what bundles are using the required bundle
Troubleshooting is easier as I can see what bundle is actually failing vs just a %path to zac%zac.exe failed to launch
More complexity since install/verify/uninstall actions all have to be made separately
When I need to troubleshoot bundles I just see the display name(I have to search the tree to find the bundle..)

Cons are

I was told that install bundle increases the time to install certain large applications... I have not verified this myself, but I have heard around 40% slower for zac vs install bundle.

Has anyone else seen this speed difference?