Good afternoon,

Is there any documentation on what and what isn't allowed in the content repository? We currently have issues adding installs into the content repository. This particular install is AutoCAD 2014. I have tried chunking the directory down into smaller pieces but it still doesn't work. Here is some background info.

ZCC v 11.2

The directory is 1.69GB with 2677 files. What is odd is once you add the content to the repository in the bundle, the object is very slow at responding... I would say about 30 sections to get into the actions of the object. I also get random java errors when I try to save changes. When you hit "compute" on the object I don't see anything... NO size NO nothing... I get an item cached error when I try to install the bundle thru the NAL window.

What do you think about? \\%SERVERNAME%\%PATHTOMSI%

You could then replicate the directory to our remote offices.

Any help is again appreciated,