Hi all GW2014 Admins, especially for "cowboys" runnig GW2014 on production systems ,

Just upgraded system (linux, one server one domain, one PO, 100 users, PO size 1TB).
I have 2 DVA running (one on GW server and second on other linux OES server - this second is preffered) - all server OES11SP3.
I can't see indexing convert jobs send to any of DVA. Only conversions are from WebAccess jobs.
I switch POA to "--show" and I see on console that indexing is running every hour - as defined - but probably is using DCA POA proces not DVA.
POA text config file have turned needed options - setting are visible on POA web console.
I also found in GW Admin console options to define DVA and assign them to POA.
Who knows "relations" between POA text config file and options in GW Admin Web console ? How to apply "nodca" and "usedva" switches using Web console ?
I think that definig DVA for POA on Web console is enough .