I use Just-in-Time synchronization on my Filr appliance. If I create a new file in my home folder on my file server, using a mapped drive to my file server, then if I go to a different computer and access "My Files" from the Novell Filr client should that file immediately show up in "My Files" or do I have to wait until the next time my Filr appliance does a synchronization with my file server?

The behavior that I have observed for this situation is that this newly created file that I created on my file server, outside of Filr, does not show up in my Filr Windows client until after the Filr appliance does a synchronization to the file server. I can see where this could be a problem for my users if they create a document on the file server right before leaving work at the end of the day and then expect that it will be available to them on their Windows client at home a couple of hours later if they want to work on that file in the evening.

Is there anyway that I can correct this problem?

In a related question, I notice that I have to access subfolders first in either the web client or in the mobile app before files in those subfolders will appear in the Windows client. Is there a way that I can change this behavior so that all subfolders and files in home folder will synchronize to my windows client without me having to first access each and every one of them one at a time? I am currently doing some early testing with a few of my users and I am getting some frowning faces when I tell them they have to do this.

No criticisms intended. This looks like a very promising product.