I like to ask question about out of box Groupwise 2014 and external eDirectory integration.

Is it possible to create a new user in external eDirectory and have Groupwise automatically provision a mailbox using the attributes at eDirectory. I mean we do not want any admin intervention on GW 2014 admin console, we would like the provisioning step to be done full automatically, also we do not want to use IDM product, we like to use out of box GW 2014 and eDirectory products.

To achieve this functionality i add external eDirectory Server from "Ldap Server" menu at GW admin console and selected "Enable Synchronisation" option but after this i need to use "User Import" option at GW 2014 menu everytime to import new users, i could not find a way to automate this process without any admin intervention. I need to use "User Import" option everytime to provision new users fro GW but we would like this process to be done full automatically by GW's itself.