Good day,

An interesting situation has come up and I wanted to make sure that I have the correct steps in place

We have six boxes, which seem to register as the same device, here is what I understand of the situation, and if additional details/information are needed I will try to gather more information as I'm able to do so.


When trying to register one of the above servers into ZCC (In this case DxN-SCxN), the server registers correctly, though placing it into the root context, and communication can be made to the box through ZCC. However; when you try to register the next server in the list (ExE-SCxN), it renames the first one (DxN-SCxN) too ExE-SCxN (DxN-SCxN is no longer found but as mentioned ExE-SCxN is now in it's place, and again puts the box into the root context.

Prior to doing the above we did the following on the box(s)

zac fsg -d (which should remove the GUID)
zac unr -f (un-register the system from ZCC Console)
zac cc (clears cache)

Then register as normally would do so.

Any thoughts, as to what I might have missed or may be missing?

Thank you,