I just installed 11.3 and turned on Patch Management for the first time last week.

I've watched the demo on Youtube. I've read all the documentation. Something is just wrong with the system. There are no patches listed on the Patches tab under Patch Management.

The only way that I could actually make it download any bundles was to create a Patch Policy. The Patches tab on the policy is also blank. However I noticed that I could create rules and the would actually create a list. However none of them ever got cached. The only way to get them to cache and create the bundles was to add them manually in the members tab. As soon as I did that, all of the bundles downloaded.

However, they still never show up in any of the patches tabs as patched or unpatched. The Recently Released Patches never lists anything either. They aren't patching on any workstations, and there is no reporting on them. I also tried to see if I could create the old baseline instead of a policy, but as no patches ever show up in the patches tab on a workstation group I can't even do that.

I've see the following KB https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=7014327 but I don't have those errors in my logs. I definitely ran out of space the very first time I finally got it to download and cache the patches, however I've added a ton more space and I reset the server with the "Reset ZENworks Patch Management Settings" button under Configuration -> Subscription Service Information.

I'm at a total loss here. The documentation is not very good about the process of how it should work after it has been setup and configured.

I also have about 40 patches that list as failed in my status tab. Only 5 of them say "Failed to download one or more packages". The rest of them say "Cache request ignored. You must enable the patch before trying again." So what the heck does that mean? The "Cache request ignored" ones all look like patches that probably don't apply to the few workstations that I have the patch policy applied to. If I hover over the gray icon in the members tab of the patch policy for one of these policies it says it is disabled.

I also noticed that on the primary server assigned to be the patch downloader that the dashboard is essentially blank. However on my other primary server, the dashboard has what looks like dummy data populated in it.

Any hints? Has anyone seen this kind of behavior. I am finding it hard to get information on Patch Management 11.3 on the Internet because it is so new I suppose. Help!