we have installed a new ZCM11 in one of our departments. At the same time with have deployed 200 new workstations with Windows 7 for replacement of our old windows xp. Now we have the problem that we see the pc-name and serial number in zen but not the default user.
We didn't have configured a user source now since our ad-administrator doesn't give me the proper fqdn for his domain :-(

Is there a way to get the default user (or all user on the system) easiely?

Our domainstructure is as follows (names changed):

we have a domain "user1" where we have no administrative rights where the user of our idm are stored. We also have a domain "workstation1" where we have full rights where our pc's are stored. Both domains are trusted.

I have tested a fqdn which I think is the proper fqdn but after activating this my colleagues have called me that there is a new login screen which appears after login on the machine. Is this necessary?

Regards and greetings