I have a problem using the remote control with Zenworks (ZCM
Before Zenworks, we used VNC (3.3.9) for the remote control, but since the agent deployment many workstations are not accessible via ZCC.

I noticed this on the workstations in question :

If we install VNC (official version) in addition to Zenworks, where the Zenworks agent has been installed it will destroy almost every files in C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\bin! As a result, the nzrWinVNC.exe no longer exists and the service 'Novell ZENworks Remote Management powered by VNC' disappeared aswell from the list of running services and therefore I cannot remote control the workstations anymore.

I do not understand this behavior.

Is there any effective way to partially restore the corrupted agent (i.e reinstall the RM missing part)? Or otherwise any method that I can follow.

Thank you.