I have a number of Service requests that have been running for a long while with no updates.
That is despite my posting requests for updates and hanging for extended periods of time on the "chat" facility (usually in vain as no-one picks up the chat thread).

In a couple of cases I have done extensive pre-work and built repeatable test cases etc so there should not be any siginificant delay in getting these issue esculated to the back line for support. If they have been escalated, there is no sign in the SR records.

It's probably "bad form" but here are specific SR numbers that show the lack of customer feedback..
10891239511, 10891256291 & 10891420901

In the latter case i was able to get the SR re-assinged to a new support tech who seemed helpful and promised to send me aun update... then... silence...

This is very unprofessional as I too have customers and they DEMAND regular updates to any incidents that I'm working on, so this leave me "hanging" which reflects both badly on Me and also on the Attachmate group of companies (Novell, NetIQ, SUSE).

All I ask is that SR's get regularly updates, even if it's "awaiting backline engineer response , will update in 5 days if they do not respond sooner".