We (a school district with ~2500 MacBook Air soon) are cosidering registering them in ZENWorks, mainly for having a means to distribute specific files and applications later on. The MBAs run Mountain Lion or Mavericks and with ZCM 11 SP3 that should be totally ok.
Installation of the ZENWorks Adaptive Agent the way described in the documentation is not "for anyone", but this cool solution: https://www.novell.com/communities/c...aa-deployment/ works like a charm to create a .pkg (actually it came out as a .mpkg but it works anyway). The .mpkg can then be added to a .dmg disk image for distribution. Why aren't they packaged this way in the first place?
So far I have installed Quartz beforehand on the test MBAs. I assume it really is needed for the ZAA and if it is then it should be packaged together with the ZAA installer. Next project...
Now to my questions:
Remote control does not appear to work, and there is no Remote Management agent component at all shown in in the ZAA properties pane. Enabling VNC according to documentation makes no difference but I haven't tried the workaround for OSX 10.7 Lion (using Mavericks for testing). Is it supposed to work on Mountain Lion and Mavericks too?
Registration keys - documentation on agent deployment on Windows, Linux and OSX actually does not mention the OSX agent and command-line switches. Is it just PreAgentPkg_AgentMacComplete.bin -k <regkey> ?