I'm gone through my second "patch Tuesday" using the new Patch Policy feature in ZCM 11.3 and I'm trying to figure out why my patch criteria does not appear to be caching what I am expecting. From the Rules tab, I've set my criteria for one of my rules as follows:

Age >= 7 Days
Vendor = Microsoft Corp.
Patch Name Contains 8.1 x64
Patch Name Does not contain Language Pack

With these rules I see 37 patches in the list of included Patches. Now looking at these patches, I have 20 patches that were released on May 13, and of those 11 are showing with the green icon showing that they were downloaded and the rest are orange. When I click the option to rebuild the package, none of my orange patches are changing over to green. There are a mix of Critical and Recommended patches so it isn't something related to Impact of the patch, I'm just finding it odd that some critical patches are showing as being included but not becoming available.

Is ZCM just smarter than I'm giving it credit for and it is recognizing that an older dependent patch that may not have been applied and has been replaced so it isn't bothering to capture these subsequent patches that don't apply to my systems? If so, why are they even showing up in the first place?