Site contains two Primarys, running on Win 2008 R2, database MS SQL. some thousands managed devices.

Upgraded to 11.3 some weeks ago.
By an accident I noticed that new installed devices with 11.3 -agent doesnt have inventory data in ZCC.
Looking at the machine, it says that inventory is done and uploaded.
On the primarys, in D:\Program Files (x86)\Novell\ZENworks\work\collection\inventory, normally the the zip/xml-files lands, and I see that there ar a lot of files passing there.
Earlier there were two subdirectorys, "success" and "failure", and xml-files were moved there.
They still exists, and fills with successfull inventrys.
Now there are a new directory, "waiting". Looking in that, I see that all XML-files from 11.3-agents, is there.
Trying to move up some files, results in that it processes, and then gets moved down in "waiting" again.

What is this for a directory? Why is it waiting? Why is it not proccessing 11.3 files as the inventory-files from 11.2.3-agents?