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    prvs= ?

    I have users from the same non-GroupWise domain that have the prefix of prvs=(connectioncode)=username@domain.com when they are trying to send an email to my GroupWise (SLES 11 SP3, GroupWise 2014) users. According to the gwia log files, it looks as if these messages never get delivered!(?) I see the connection made in gwia and "Queuing to MTA" but no other lines appear after that for that message including no "File sent".

    My GroupWise users say they didn't have this issue until after the upgrade from 2012 sp2 to 2014.
    I researched what the "prvs" is but nothing in Novell's GroupWise knowledge-base.
    An interesting point is when these non-GroupWise domain users reply to the GroupWise account, it appears to be received (according to one test).

    Any info on this?


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