Hello Everyone,

I've recently redistributed the workload for my installation of File Reporter 2.0 so that of the 60-something servers I am scanning, none of the scan workload happens on the engine server. This does seem to have improved the performance of the engine in generating scheduled reports. However, I am still having performance problems on the last phase of scanning -- the point at which the scan says "Database Update Pending". There are scans from the 15th still stuck in this phase (the last completed scans are from the 14th).

I assume that this is because I am using the internal postgres database on the engine, and that all of the scans trying to check in (from the 15th to today) are causing the database to spin. Which is a pity, because I would have thought that a product like NFR would have some nice means of letting each scan to be processed by the database in batch. Or maybe they do, in which case the problem is that the database is just taking a long time for each individual dataset to be processed.

Have any of you seen this? Any advice for kicking it along? My engine server is not underpowered -- it has a couple of processors and 12GB of RAM (I really should take that down to 6, actually ...) and right now the CPU shows as nearly idle -- the NFRENgine is using 2% and system idle is using the rest. I'd prefer not to move to an external DB (especially since utilization doesn't seem to be the issue) but I'm willing to try if a case can be made.

Johnnie Odom
School District of Escambia County