I'm testing ZMM with a Galaxy S3 and have finally been able to get my device to connect to ZMM. I received the email that is supposed to configure my device to my GW Mobility server for email, but I keep getting stuck on the Validate account settings screen which says either "Unable to connect to server" which is fairly obvious about what that issue is, or it hangs on "Checking Incoming Server Settings" and just seems to spin.

I'm suspecting that it is my ActiveSync Server setting, which I have pointed at my DataSync Server. I wasn't sure what to enter for my ActiveSync Domain which is required. This is also where I get lost because of the specifics of my environment. We are an organization who uses @mail.domain.com rather than just @domain.com for our email. When I connect devices manually to DataSync and the domain doesn't really matter, I use our organization's initials. I've added the initials, both forms of the @_ listed above, and I'm not having any luck. Does anyone have an idea for how I can fix this? Thanks!