I am in the midst of my first install of filr.
I am doing a Large Installation of version 1. 0.1.
All appliances are running.
I have configured Mysql as described in sect 6.1 in the Installation and
Configuration Guide.
I have hit a wall when I run the Filr "Large Deployment" Server
Configuration Wizard.
I am unable to connect to the Mysql server.
I have entered the following into the wizard:
Hostname: IP address of my Mysql appliance
Port: 3306 (left as default)
Database Name: filr (as created in Section 6.1)
Database User Name" filr (as created in Section 6.1)
User password: (set in Section 6.1)

Proceeding returns message at the top: "Unable to connect to the database
server. Check the information.

In another maybe related, maybe not issue, I am unable to login into
phpMyAdmin using the filr user created as directed by Section 6.1.
If I create the filr user with host "localhost," I can login into
phpMyAdmin, but still no success with the Filr Configuration Wizard
connecting to Mysql.

Any help is appreciated.