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Thread: Using existing primary as Join Proxy

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    Using existing primary as Join Proxy

    I'll soon upgrade my 11.2.4 server to 11.3. As I understand, in 11.3 one can do remote management of devices outside the LAN by setting up a Join Proxy. Every primary server can act as Join Proxy by default. So I have a naive question - what if I don't set up a separate Join Proxy but just forward port 7019 on my perimeter firewall to my existing primary server on the LAN? Would that work? If not, why?

    Additionally, is my understanding correct that Join Proxy allows only remote management, but not other Zenworks operations, such as new device registration, bundles, policies and inventory? It is meant for laptops that occasionally go outside the LAN, not for machines that never are and never will be on the internal network?
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