We are in the ending of our GW8 to GW2014 upgrade.

With Danita and Morris' help we have LDAP working on all of our PO's.

There is only one Directory (AD), as we have already removed eDir.

Now, we have 550 Groupwise only users that show as Associated but are not, as the General tab shows no LDAP info. ( there is nothing listed between General and Contact Information )

To manually disassociate, I must locate each user, choose them, Click More and Choose Disassociate.

I see from the thread https://forums.novell.com/showthread...-user-in-GW201 that Hans figured it out from Morris' words "and use a delete rest call".

I am a little too green to figure it out from that info.

Hans or Morris ( or anyone else ), can I get a more detailed sample of the curl call.

Here is a Sample User:

Domain: GWDOM
PostOffice: PO1
User: DavidMc-PO1

I will substitute the real info from the Sample.

David McQueen, I.S.P., ITCP
Lakehead District School Board