I need to free up a server for my GroupWise 2014 move from stand-alone hardware to a brand new SAN/Virtual environment and I could use some tips so I don't screw it up by forgetting something (and I don't want to do it the hard way, any tips to make it an easy thing would be helpful). I'm looking for tips on how to move the domain, not on virtualization.

Here's the dirt:

I have a primary domain set up on its own server, running a GWIA named "GWIA2" (for outgoing mail only)
I have a secondary domain on its own server, running a GWIA named "GWIA" (for incoming mail only). The secondary domain has no post offices, just the GWIA. It's only purpose is to accept incoming mail and forward it to the primary domain. This is the server I need to free-up... I need the hardware.

My plan at this point is to move the secondary domain (and GWIA) to the same server that the primary domain (and GWIA2) resides on temporarily, so I can use the secondary domain's server as a "virtual" server starting point, once I get the newly freed-up server into my virtual environment, I can then migrate the rest of my GW system over. Once the migration to virtual is complete, I can then move the secondary domain back to its own server (if I even really need to).

My questions:

1) Do I even need to move the secondary domain and GWIA? Should I just delete it and run with one domain? I'm in a state government situation and we get a LOT of incoming mail when we are in session. This is why I set up two domains in the first place; one for incoming mail and one to handle outgoing (the primary domain handles the outgoing mail because the volume is considerably lower than incoming mail).

2) Does it even make sense to have a separate server for incoming mail and outgoing mail after virtualization?

3) If I do need to move the domain, what steps would I need to take? I'm thinking about things like reconfiguring the links, moving the objects in GWadmin console, IP Address changes (I do not need to change the MX record, that points to my SMTP filter, which then forwards the messages to my secondary domain - I'd just need to point it at the new IP address).

Any other thoughts would be appreciated. I'm just now beginning to form the outline of what I need to do and I thought I'd get input from you guys to help me solidify my plan. Any advice or thoughts will be graciously welcomed.