There is a problem with the "Operating System - Windows" filter in the french version of ZCC.

If you create a bundle and go into "Requirements" and add a filter with Operating system and you set it to "Version 6.1 - Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2" you get this error

"Vos modifications ne peuvent pas être appliquées pour les raisons suivantes :
ErreurLa version doit être sous la forme "x" à "x.x.x.x". "

"You changes cannot be applied for the following reason : formatting must be x to x.x.x.x"

The format should be "6.1 - Windows 7 /Windows Server 2008 R2 Versions".

The filter does work as intended with the english versions of ZCC. I have no problem with that but some of our admin does.

PS : I am currently unable to open an SR because our licence has not been renewed yet. So i am reporting this here.

Thank you!