Hi, We have been running GroupWise since 2006 with GW7 on Netware, and now running 2014 on SLES. I have been seeing a lot of missing BLOB files on attachments recently, and noticed that the GWCheck log is showing a lot of Inaccessible Attachment errors. I ran a GWCheck with the ATTCLIP option overnight to see if it would help.. One thing that stuck out was this statistic near the end:

GroupWise System Information

Number of Users............... 496 Number of Post Offices......... 1
Number of Mailboxes........... 1060

Should the number of mailboxes be more than twice the number of users or do I have some database corruption going on? I did a validation of the database through groupwise administrator and the PO database passed verification. Not sure what is going on. Thanks for your help!

~Dave Arre