I have a big trouble with the SortFolder() token which simply isn't recognized by the GroupwiseCommander.

I just want to alphabetically sort a folder's subfolders and the Object API doesn't give me any way to do it, as far as I've seen.
The problem I encounter does not seem to come from the arguments I pass to the SortFolder() token, the token itself seems to be unknown to Groupwise.

I'm actually sorting the folders manually by re-creating then in inverse order, but this temporary solution is painful, not elegant at all and randomly throws access errors if I go too fast.

As described in the documentation, this method can take one parameter which is the folder name. I'm also asking myself how it cannot be ambiguous, for example if I have a Cabinet/FolderToSort folder and a Mailbox/FolderToSort folder.
Am I supposed to pass it a complete path? the folder's ID?

Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious or trivial!

I'm using Groupwise 8.0.2, on a 32 bits Windows XP (don't blame me), and trying to automate from a .NET environment.

Many thanks in advance.