Hi All,
Zenworks 11.2 inventory scan is failing to pickup installed software on a number of workstations.
For example, we use sophos as a standard av application and install on each workstation.
If I run zenworks report for workstations without av software installed, the report will show a list of workstations without av installed.
I have checked the workstations listed in the report against the sophos server console and av is installed in each one.
I then ran an inventory scan on each workstation, to make it rescan the installed software - the inventory failed to update the software information, even though the scan was completed successfully.
The pru was updated with June's version and most workstations are reporting that the av software is installed.
Is there a way to force it to update or is a cache issue, or something else?
I find this a problem as I now have 2 consoles telling me I different quantities of av installed.
Any idea's?